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July 26, 2017

It is water element season according to Chinese 5-Element Theory. This affects the kidneys and urinary bladder. The emotion of the water element is fear. The color is deep blue and the taste is salty. When this organ is out of balance it can weaken the body which in turn can cause bladder and kidney infections. You may find that you crave more salty foods and experience more fear. 

When you think of the winter water element connect it with hibernation and rest.  Just observe how the trees and plants go dormant for the winter but come spring they produce new vitality and growth. The more you treat the kidneys and urinary bladder through acupuncture and Chinese herbs in the winter season the more reserves you will build up for the following seasons.

This is a great season to read those books and retire early as it becomes dark earlier. The water element is the source of all life.  Pushing yourself for long periods of time will drain your resources.   If you notice being more tired just know that your body knows it is time to reflect and ponder on the next year coming up. Enjoy this season and power up!

The Water Element Balance

  • To strengthen the kidneys and bladder get regular acupuncture treatments
  • Get the herbal formulas for the winter season (raw formulas-pills-or tinctures)
  • The formulas can strengthen imbalances and heal kidney and bladder infections
  • Schedule quiet down days for enjoyment

Will Power-Fear and the Winter Water Element

If you experience anxiety or panic attacks your kidneys may be telling you that your body needs added support. Deep thought can occur during this season which can bring up regret and what-ifs.  If you continue to strengthen your kidneys through acupuncture and Chinese herbs you will experience greater inner strength, wisdom, and willpower.  If you notice fear as a dominant emotion take action and make an appointment with your acupuncturist.

Practical Actions

  1. The first point for the kidneys is on the bottom of the foot.  Stomping your feet-walking is helpful for stimulation
  2. Helpful foods are deep green and blue.  Long cooking foods like stews, soups, and greens are supportive of your body
  3. Drink plenty of clean water

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, R.E.T | Neeley Center for Health, Huntsville, ALThe kidneys are associated with the

  • bones
  • ears
  • ringing in ears
  • teeth
  • lower back
  • premature graying
  • low libido
  • hormonal imbalance
  • infertility
  • dark circles under eyes
  • easily exhausted

Balancing through acupuncture and Chinese herbs is a “do no harm modality.” Call today and make your appointment!

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