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March 30, 2017
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April 13, 2017

Stress can be a major factor when it comes to pregnancy and the fear of infertility. We have great news for those of you who may not have gotten pregnant as fast as you would like.  Acupuncture for infertility and IVF (in vitro) procedures have increased dramatically every year in our clinic.

Reports tell us that 75% of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints, this includes pregnancy and infertility.

Acupuncture for IVF treatment support

In 2002 there was a study done for infertility. It was done between western medical doctors and Chinese medical doctors to a large group of infertility patients.

The Doctors did acupuncture on half of them and no acupuncture on the other half and the acupuncture group ended up with a 42% increase of full term pregnancies verses those who didn’t do the acupuncture.

Because it was a significant increase, many of the ART and Ob/Gyn assisted reproductive therapy doctors got hold of that study and noticed the value of it. Our infertility medical doctors now refer to acupuncture to support the IVF procedures.

Actually we have had very good success with working together with infertility issues.

Taking charge of your fertility

• Remember all things are possible. You are an infinite being; don’t limit yourself to the report of the       doctors. We have seen pregnancy miracles!

• Make a conscious effort to bring more laughter and joy into your life.

• Use your words to express gratitude, thank you God for my pregnancy!

• Get honest with the things that stress you out and take action.

“A Grand Adventure is About to Begin”
Winnie the Pooh

Acupuncture is a “do no harm” modality. It will bring balance, your balance back to you. It combats stress and gives you energy and most of all it makes your womb a happy womb! Yes, this is the goal. The cost of acupuncture and Chinese herbs are so minimal compared to the cost of the in vitro process. Therefore, it is a perfect complement, to your medical IVF procedure. You can find an acupuncturist near you.

5 Ways to increase pregnancy and fertility

There are many more ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant. These are just a few of them. We are NOT in any way saying just relax, adopt or do these 5 things and you will get pregnant. We know infertility is heartbreaking and painful. Couples who are having a difficult time having a baby can be the butt of trite sayings or jokes. The Neeley Center is very compassionate about your situation. Our intention is to give you options you may not have considered.

1.  Chinese herbs for fertility

Chinese herbs are a safe and effective way to tonify or sedate organs in your body.  You want them balanced and talking to each other.  When an organ is in excess or in need to be strengthened, Chinese herbs for fertility are your go to.  You will want to make sure you choose a brand that has good manufacturing practices (GMP).  This is to insure that what you are getting is the best quality for you.

2.  Emotions and possible causes of infertility

As a pastoral counselor-energy therapist, I work with the emotions.  Just like one of the benefits of acupuncture, it opens blockages which create imbalances in the body.  When the body is out of balance it may not function as perceived “normal”.  This happens with stuck emotions too.  During our growing up years we experience many different emotions.

What gets us into trouble is we don’t have the resources to process them.  Therefore, we stuff them, ignore them and quickly move on to other things.   Undealt with emotions remain.   We repress them and forget that they are even there.

When emotion and hurtful experiences come together, we can make strong associations.  This creates a judgment, a point of view and or a decision that writes on our heart and soul.  For example, a female child is bullied by her older brothers or male children and because of her perception and self-evaluation, one response will be, “I WILL NEVER HAVE A BOY CHILD, I HATE BOYS!’

For some, the power of that decision can create cell memory and stuck emotions that prevent the body from conceiving or possibly miscarrying a male child.  Sexual abuse can be an issue also. Infertility often has surprising roots which include denial, deeply trapped anger and hurt caused by a partner

3.  Acupuncture for infertility

I have seen over and over anger stuck in the womb/stomach area.  That anger energy can prevent pregnancy and fertility.  When cleared, your fertility can increase and your body is safe to receive your baby.  These are just a few examples of how your creative body  yields to your long-ago-made decisions.  This is not meant to be trite but informative.  


As we stated earlier, acupuncture is a way to increase fertility.  The acupuncture treatments increase perfusion, or blood flow, to the uterus, and helps to relax the endometrial lining.  It also helps a person to de-stress.  The acupuncture and Chinese herbs together help create a happy place for the baby to grow and thrive.  We can’t take the stress out of a person’s life, but what we attempt to do is help the body adapt to stress.  This helps our patients to respond more appropriately to the stressors- life happens! Balance is the key. Stress is overall one of the major factors in infertility that we have seen over time.

4.  Cellular nutrition

The power of cellular nutrition can be the tipping point for you.  Feed your cells and your body will be healthy.   All vitamins are not created equally.  In order to give your body what it needs you will want to:

A. Choose a pharmaceutical grade supplement
B. Product has to be bioavailable-it must go to the cells
C. Guaranteed potency is important-the laws state a company can lie about what is in your supplements

5.  Pregnancy & fear

Most of us behave as human doings rather than human beings.  When a couple decides to start a family they are excited and they want it to happen right now. One month goes by, two, three and eight months later or years and still no positive pregnancy.

After sitting across from people for thirty years, I know one thing; people can be very critical and hard on themselves. When we experience a situation in our life, infertility for instance, and it isn’t going the way we expect, we start saying hurtful words and phrases to ourselves. We make judgments on why it is not happening. My fault, his fault, their fault…..

It is not about any bodies fault, it just is. When we think there is something wrong, fear will be around the corner accusing you. Fear has to do with punishment and torment and I am inviting you to have nothing to do with fear. Fear dwells on the past or the future with painful self judging  thoughts. Focus on the truth:

 You are enough
 Love surrounds you
 You are perfect just as you are
 Even without a baby you are complete right now
 Purpose and destiny are yours in this world
 God is not mad at you

Combining acupuncture, Chinese herbs and emotional therapy is a healing and a self- discovery experience that can really change your situation. If this resonates with you and you are out of town, please consider a week intensive with us at the Neeley Center.

If you are in the Huntsville, Alabama area, schedule for your FREE consult.

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