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We are talking about PMS today.  There are so many jokes about PMS what is PMS really? “Some say it means “putting up with men’s stuff!”.  Chinese medicine has solutions for meanstrual pain relief.

It is a situation around a woman’s time of the month when hormonal changes take place.  It is very easy to explain in Chinese medicine situations where stress is affecting the liver.

The liver is part of the female reproductive system so it’s an imbalance in that entire system.

It is a time in which women can become irritable.  Sometimes we feel angry and anger may  turn into depression.  The Neeley Center for Health has a good track record of treating both with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

PMS-Liver Qi stagnation

The liver houses and stores the blood in Chinese medicine, so when that blood begins to flow, it is an easy release of that stagnant Qi in the liver. So when the flow starts, certainly you are going to have an easing up of the liver Qi symptoms. Ah, and now the process starts again! Be proactive!
Before that time of month, acupuncture and Chinese herbs as well as the emotional work can help to soothe the negative symptoms

Why does the liver get out of balance and what can I do about it?

In Chinese medicine, the “Qi” flows through the body. Around that time of the month, the liver Qi may stagnate. PMS is partly “liver Qi stagnation.” Sometimes liver Qi stagnation with heat, sometimes with something we call wind. It is a situation that we can address to get that Qi moving and sooth the liver. We do this through:
Acupuncture and 2 basic herbal formulae.

  • This first formula we use throughout the month to really help keep you smooth. Its like a “chill pill.” This is probably the most popular formula we sell.
  • The there is another formula that you take about 3 days before you start your period. It is called “Tong Jing Wan,” which means “painful period pill.” It is very good at helping the pain, discomfort, cramping and bloating that go with starting your monthly cycle.

 People report to us that it really works very well. Traditional Chinese Medicine promotes healing and support to the body. Healing the root cause. Western medicine many times treats symptoms not the root cause of the symptoms.          

PMS effects our emotions

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help woman go through the monthly process so much smoother and alleviate a lot of the PMS symptoms.
I am not going to say that we can completely alleviate all the painful symptoms but we can certainly minimize them.
We know that if the liver isn’t so stressed, the thought process would stay smoother.

There wouldn’t be that heavy thinking, the “doom and gloom” thoughts. Not everybody gets PMS. I, Cindy struggled with PMS not so much with pain but emotional pain. Surprisingly, the day I would start my cycle all the heavy thinking was instantly gone or suppressed once again.

Feeling hopeless is a sign of PMS

Liver Qi Stagnation can really stop a person. Some report that they feel completely hopeless during the PMS cycle.
You can begin to conquer the nagging painful thoughts that torture you. This will begin to move you forward into hope.

“Hope a confident expectation of something good”.

The energy or feelings of anger most likely have been stuffed down from previous life situations. Anger, when being fueled by a painful thought or belief, can grow into hopelessness. Liver Qi stagnation has symptoms of hopelessness. FYI, people with addictions usually have a hard time wanting to stop using because they cannot see their future. Their liver is stagnated and so they can’t see any hope.

Helpful hints

  • Take note of those painful thoughts. Question them. “What percentage of these painful thoughts are being fueled by my liver”? Acknowldege it, take your herbs and breathe.
  • Is there a particular word or phrase that is sending a painful message about you? If so identify it and decide to believe a supportive and uplifting message.
  • Procrastination- make a list, schedule (it is amazing how much you can get done in one hour) and do those projects you have been putting off. This will empower you and silence the “I’m not doing enough chatter”.
  • Stop beating up on yourself.
  • Make a list of your strengths and focus on them.

Menstrual pain relief-How to deal with anger

On typical days, you are able to manage how you feel. Unfortunately, during this time of PMS the liver is stagnated. If there is unresolved anger, PMS will certainly produce opportunity for it to come out in situations that normally wouldn’t bother you. What comes first the chicken or the egg, the anger or your painful thoughts?

Having an ending to your anger by releasing your painful thinking will dissolve your anger. The physical and emotional aspects of us all talk to each other. Our mission at the Neeley Center for Health is “Healing the Whole Person”.
In other words, when our liver is in excess, we can become irritated and behave out of our normal way of responding in our daily life situations.

Staying especially aware of your thoughts during this time of the month can very helpful. When you see an irregularity in your normal thinking and feeling patterns, you can help yourself get a reality check.

  • Have some truth notes in your phone, post it notes, 3×5 card etc. This can help ground you.
  • How you feel is a sentence in your mind. Challenge your thinking.
  • I can take my liver herbs!
  • Get regular acupuncture treatments.
  • Go do something fun and don’t take yourself so seriously!

There is relief for monthly menstrual pain. Don’t wait! Get your liver balanced and de-stress. Get your herbs and acupuncture and monitor your self- talk. Your life will smooth out.

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