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March 17, 2017

Vitamins are just vitamins, right?  Are they gummy bears?  Do they come in a capsule?  Does it matter what kind of vitamin I am taking?  If you want better emotional and physical health there is more information that you need.

Pharmaceutical grade vitamins are formulated in a science-based ratio to prevent oxidation in our bodies and to act in an optimal capacity at a cellular level.  The ratio of one ingredient to all of the other ingredients is as important as the ingredients themselves.

And each ingredient must be in the formula at a precise ratio in order for the formula to be effective at the optimum level.  Oxidation in our bodies is like rust on steel, or the brown on an apple after it has been cut.

In order to achieve your health goals using supplements, there are some facts you will want to know.

There are Three Basic Categories in The Vitamin Industry

  • Feed Grade-This is for animals
  • Store or Food Grade-This is what you get in most stores
  • Pharmaceutical Grade, or Medical Grade-Supplements you usually get from a medical Professional such as Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Naturopath, etc. although there are some companies that meet these same standards and make their supplements available to the public, online, etc.

There is some confusion and many opinions about nutritional supplements.  Commercial advertising creates more chaos.  The is misleading and may give vitamins a bum rap.  Pharmaceutical grade supplements have powerful and effective goals.  Getting the nutrition to the cellular level for optimal cellular level health.  That is their job.

Pharmaceutical Nutritional Grade Versus USP (United States Pharmacopeia)

Most Pharmaceutical grade supplements are USP certified.  Not all USP certified supplements are pharmaceutical grade.

Did You Know That Vitamin Companies Can be Misleading And Get Away With it?

Store grade supplements, also known as food grade supplements, may only contain 20% of the ingredients that they list on the container, and worse yet, that 20% is per batch, not each capsule.  So some capsules may have nothing of benefit in them.

Pharmaceutical Nutritionals Can be a Mystery!

As reported by the New York TimesCanadian research group conducted a study among many different generic brand supplements, using DNA testing to verify their ingredients.

Over 60% of the store brand supplements tested had incorrect labeling, and more than 50% of those tested didn’t contain the advertised ingredient!


Store grade supplements that are USP certified are required to dissolve within 30-45 minutes after consumption and be free of contaminants while maintaining high levels of both quality and purity. At our clinic, we recommend a particular pharmaceutical grade supplement which dissolves within 15 minutes or less.

Store grade supplements do not have to be a medical grade or have strong science and ratio combination, so the weakness here is quality and ratio.  Can it do its job? Maybe, maybe not.


  1. Product has to dissolve and be transported to the cells
  2. It has to be absorbed-a.k.a. be bioavailable
  3. Utilized by cells-in the same way an antibacterial medicine has to kill bacteria-an antioxidant has to eliminate free radicals in your body, the rust or brown off an apple
  4. Residue excreted by the cells-yellow pee

Pharmaceutical grade supplements must meet the USP, United States Pharmacopeia standards.  They also will have a science-based ratio which is extremely key.

“Store USP grade is guaranteed amounts and declared purity.  Pharmaceutical grade has a superior potency and bioavailability (absorption) which allows the supplements to do their job”.

Without proper antioxidant supplementation,  the possibility of disease increases and our immune system may become compromised.  Taking Pharmaceutical grade supplements will give your cells the sustenance to heal and restore.

Taking Control of Your Health is a Choice

Do you know what you are taking?  Do you want to take a supplement that isn’t able to do its job?

What Should I Expect to Pay?

Most pharmaceutical grade vitamins and minerals, for the basics, are around $60 to $70 per month.  This is a good start.  If you are spending money on store grade supplements you might want to ask yourself why?

Preventing oxidation is the goal if what you are taking is not pharmaceutical, your body is not getting the cellular nutrition to fight off the oxidative stress.

To overcome certain health challenges or act proactively, take the challenge and do what it takes to work pharmaceutical supplements into your budget.

Advantages of Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

  • You know you are getting what you are paying for
  • They work at a cellular level to heal and restore your body
  • Pharmaceutical grade supplements can provide a full arsenal of compounds to help protect your body against daily exposure to free radicals (oxidative stress)
  • They contribute to being proactive in your health care
  • They will absorb into your system and make a difference
  • Pharmaceutical products may add to your longevity
  • Your immune system has a chance to improve

If you click on this link you can go to amazon and purchase a comparative guide.  They have rated many different brands of supplements so you can make an educated choice for cellular nutrition.

To order from the Neeley Center you can go to and purchase your pharmaceutical supplements or pick up your phone and call us.


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