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Spring time is liver detox time. Do you feel tired and exhausted? Are you struggling with a short fuse these days? Have your eyes been blurry? According to traditional Chinese medicine, spring is the season of the wood element.

Spring time in Chinese Medicine is the time for new beginnings and new growth. Spring is also all about the Liver and Gall Bladder. As many of you have heard us say, the Liver is the organ of the body that is most affected by stress. Spring is also a great time to do a liver detox which also detoxes the Gall Bladder.

In Chinese medicine, this is the 5 element theory. We just came out of the water element where our Qi went deeper inside the body. Now it is time to experience renewal. Your Qi has gone deep and the color for the water element is deep blue. The beginning of the wood element signals the Qi and it starts to break forth just as if you planted a seed in the ground. The plant pushes up from the dirt. This takes the body an effort to force the seed up that is why we can feel tired in the spring, some call it spring fever. This puts a lot of emphases on the liver. If the liver is stressed you will have a greater increase in liver symptoms. Each season we recommended a detox. Because it is spring the wood element we do a liver detox.

Doing a liver detox is beneficial even if you feel great

Traditional Chinese medicine encourages a detox in every season change as it is extremely healing for the seasonal organ. Unpleasant symptoms of liver season are:

  1. Tiredness-you just don’t have quite the energy that you are use to.
  2.  Depression- Depression is also very often a sign of liver qi stagnation. This is TCM term.  You will be amazed at how easily depression will disappear by doing a liver detox.
  3. Anger and anger outbursts that you thought were under control- Anger turned inward will manifest in depression. Liver Qi Stagnation which will happen in liver season manifests in being more emotionally sensitive than usual.
  4. Increased PMS-since the liver is one of the 3 organs which make up the female reproductive cannel (along with the Spleen and Uterus) or “Chong Mai,” liver qi stagnation which produces PMS symptoms or even exacerbated PMS symptoms, cramping, bloating, within Women.
    Anger and anger outbursts that you thought were under control- Anger turned inward will manifest in depression. Liver Qi Stagnation which will happen in liver season manifests in being more emotionally sensitive than usual.
  5. Fatigue-is your body talking to you with pain? Low energy is a signal you are out of balance. Your organs are screaming at you.
  6. Gallstone conditions- are more common during this season as well.
    Digestion, bloating, and, believe it or not, feelings of timidity and inability to “move forward” in life.

How do I know I need to do a liver detox?

Trust me the liver takes the hit for all the stress and stuffed unresolved feelings in your life. People are experts at stuffing feelings. Even if you are one who blows up and says I feel better I got that off my chest needs to know blowing up is not dealing with your feelings. It is simply damaging others self- worth to make you feel better.

At the Neeley Center for Health, we sedate the liver points.  This is effective in treating all addictions as well as stressful work conditions.  Parents and teenagers could use a treatment monthly!

Gentle Liver detoxes

At the Neeley Center, we help you to detox safely and gently.  These are our recommendations:

  • Start with an acupuncture treatment. Find an acupuncturist.  We suggest depending on your lifestyle to get three treatments close together. Acupuncture treatments will balance you and give you a sense of wellbeing.
  • Chinese herbs such as “Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan” this will soothe the liver and spleen. Not to be confused with a typical liver detox. Soothe is nice, helps with depression and anger gently.
  • Hepasil DTX- this amazing product can activate your liver cells’ to naturally fight against oxidation.
  • Probiotics-pharmaceutical grade probiotics support the immune system as well as a healthy digestion.
  • Digestive enzymes-helps support the absorption so your body receives the nutrition it needs to function properly. (Click on Nutritionals then digestion/detox)

The above therapy and supplements will support a liver detox without creating painful side effects.  You will experience relief and gently bring your liver back to balance.  If you do experience a detox effect cut your supplements in half until your body is adjusted to your liver detox.

Thoughts on liver detox for the experienced

At the Neeley Center, we recommend if you want to do a deep liver cleanse including colonics, juicing, fasting,  and removing liver flukes please stay in contact with a health professional that you can check in with.  People who do harsher liver detoxes can experience depression, tiredness, headaches and body aches.  This is not bad but if detoxing isn’t a regular event you might not like it.

I did one of these years ago it was a month long, wow I could barely function!  But when it was over I felt great!

When choosing your supplements you will receive guaranteed potency and pharmaceutical grades which supply nutrition to the cells by going through a health care professional. Acupuncturist, chiropractors, natural paths or a health store if you are comfortable with your knowledge. Honestly, don’t bother with Walmart or other drug stores.
The goal is nutrition to your cells

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.      

Mark Twain

 FYI about the Wood element

  • Season-spring
  • Color-green
  • Taste-sour
  • Body part-eyes
  • Emotion-anger-frustration

There are many detox drinks that include apple cider vinegar they are delicious!


Liver detox

 As  Tony Robbins says “take action”!  Call and get your acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs today! 

To your health,

Mike and Cindy Neeley 256-716-4048


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