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May 11, 2017
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Acupuncture is an effective modality for labor induction. If you are interested in acupuncture it is a natural, gentle way to encourage the beginnings of labor.  Acupuncture for the labor induction process is effective and safe.

Unfortunately, many women do not consider this method here in the United States nor do the typical Western obgyn’s suggest it. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treats many more medical conditions and has an excellent track record that has been tried and tested in treating these conditions.

FYI, this article tells us that the FDA is proposing that doctors learn about acupuncture and pain management! This is exciting for the acupuncture community.

Unconventional Labor Induction

In most cases, babies come when they are ready. According to studies the average length of human pregnancy is said to be 280 days or 40 weeks.
This information is for the woman who is not desiring to be medically induced.

Babies are still forming their lungs during those last few weeks of development. Just like some children loose their teeth early and some later everyone has their season of completion. If you are at 40 weeks and your doctor wants to induce you the question remains, “is my baby ready”?

At The Neeley Center for Health, we value and come along side of western medicine.  Choosing a doctor that is alternative friendly is your best choice.  You will have the best of both worlds.

“Women are strong, strong, terribly strong. We don’t know how strong until we’re pushing out our babies.” – Louise Erdrich

For the mother who is not set on having an epidural or Pitocin, you might want to try acupuncture for your labor induction. Some try spicy food, sex, castor oil, driving over railroad tracks or other remedies others have sworn by.
Midwives and doulas are extremely helpful in guiding you concerning the connection with your baby. Most doulas and midwives are very intuitive and have deeply studied the art of pregnancy, labor, and birth. Our daughter had both of her children at home in Tennessee we were amazed at the skill and knowledge demonstrated through the labor and delivery process performed by a midwife

Whatever you decide know that there are options with acupuncture which is known as Traditional Chinese medicine TCM

Labor Induction FAQ’s

1.   How fast with the labor induction work?

Typically, the induction process will only take about 45 minutes. But, in any acupuncture treatment, there is what is called a “period of integration,” which simply means that it usually takes a few hours to a day or so for the body to integrate the treatment. Most often, 6-12 hours after the induction process, labor will occur. This is our clinical experience.

2.  What Can I expect during an acupuncture session for labor induction at The Neeley Center for Health?

After the 3-4 minutes of paperwork, you will be led into a private room where you will recline, at about a 30-degree angle, on a comfortable massage table. The room will be softly lit and relaxing music playing in the background. The acupuncturist will explain the procedure and then insert the needles. If you bring your significant other, friend, or family member, they will be instructed to help with the procedure known as “moxibustion.” This will be a gentle warming of at least two of the needles. The heating device never touches the skin or the needle during this procedure. The reason we like to engage the significant other in the process is that this is a great time for the family to “bond.” If the patient comes in alone, then the acupuncturist or an assistant will do the moxibustion.

3.  How safe is this process?                                                    


Labor Induction

In the hands of a national board certified acupuncturist, this is an entirely safe procedure. You are rarely left in the room alone unless you simply need to take a break and relax. Every aspect of any acupuncture treatment is designed with safety as the utmost priority.

4.  Will having an existing medical condition be a problem?

Simply tell your acupuncturist so he/she can take these conditions into account. Very often, we can help other conditions at the same time the induction procedure is being done.

5.  What do I do after my labor induction treatment?

After the acupuncture induction process, we recommend that the patient goes home and take short walks, 20 minutes or so, several times. Relax and drink lots of water. We also give the patient their very own moxibustion device, as well as detailed instructions, so that they can do their own moxibustion at home. No other side-effects are anticipated. Occasionally, the patient may experience mild diarrhea, which is perfectly normal, safe, and helpful for the labor process.

6.  Should I continue with acupuncture after my baby is born?

Acupuncture is a FULL system of healthcare. Therefore, after the baby is born, acupuncture can help with all of the “normal” situations following birth, i.e., post-partum depression, lactation issues, hormonal rebalance, etc.

7.  Do you recommend any Chinese herbs?

Yes, we do!  We have a Chinese herb to take right after you have a baby for postpartum.  It is a qi and jing herbs that supports your kidney essence, stops pain, tonify spleen qi, and tonifys blood.

Herb therapeutic actions 

Initiate uterine contraction and clear retained uterine blood following childbirth.

  • Dispel retained placenta
  • Stop mild bleeding
  • Reduce pain and abdominal cramping
  • Useful for women with fatigue and dysmenorrhea as a result of childbirth, surgery, abortions, lifestyle


8.  How else does acupuncture work for labor induction?

The purpose of this procedure is designed to gently stimulate the uterus to begin contracting. Often, patients feel mild contractions during the procedure. Believe it or not, the procedure is very relaxing. Some patients actually fall asleep on the table!

If you have any questions you can call The Neeley Center for Health 256-716-4048

For postpartum herbs,  call or email us

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In Best Health,

Mike and Cindy Neeley


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