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Two ACL Surgeries

I have had 2 ACL surgeries on my left knee, and at times of weather change, air travel, or just after a long run my knee well swell from the scar tissue and fluid that settled after the surgeries.

Dr Mike Neeley suggested I try his acupuncture, at first I was like “Hows needles going to help me” well it did! I was very impressed and surprised at how just acupuncture can help with the swelling and irritability. Dr Neeley and Cindy are highly trained, highly motivated professionals I would recommend to everyone.

– J

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Bedside Manner

I have been a long practitioner of Acupuncture. I moved home to Alabama, and I was searching for an acupuncturist in the Huntsville region. I went to Dr. Neely, and after the first visit I was hooked. He has great “bedside” manner, and is very open to work with each person’s comfort levels of acupuncture.

I recommended my father who was diagnosed with a terminal disease; he decided to give Dr. Neeley a try. He felt immediate relief, and I am positive that the work that Dr. Neeley gave my father enhanced his life and increased his quality of life for many extra months.

I am only sad that I do not live in Alabama any longer; otherwise, I would still visit Dr. Neeley ever week as I did when I lived there. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone; from relaxation to many different ailments, Dr. Neeley can help.

– K.H.

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100 Miles Away

I have been receiving services from the Neeley Center for Health for several years. My only regret is that I live close to 100 miles away and am not able to take advantage of their service like I would like to. I have had acupuncture as well as the foot baths.

If none of that even worked, which it does, their attitude and the feeling that they are there only to make you feel better in any way they can is enough for me to make the trip as often as I possibly can. I highly recommend everyone needs to give them a try. They can help you in whatever your problem might be.

– B.V.A.

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No Cane No Pain

Mike and Cindy, I want to thank you for the wonderful care I have received from you at the Neeley Center. When I began treatment, I was using a cane and hurt with every step I took. As we continued acupuncture treatments, I continued to improve. I now walk without a cane and without pain.

Your acupuncture treatments are what have brought about my tremendous improvement. I also appreciate that you told me I was doing well enough that I did not need to continue regular treatments. I truly appreciate your integrity. I appreciate your support and friendly manner. Once again, thank you for the wonderful care I have received.

– D.H.

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A 41-Year Mistake

A 41-year event.

In 1968 I made a terrible mistake. I tried to save a little money by doing cement work myself. I was moving a wheel borough full of wet cement when the load suddenly shifted. I prevented dumping the load but my lower back popped under the strain. Starting with pain pills I moved to a recommended Chiropractor. Each treatment provided temporary results. Finally, it was recommended I see an orthopedic doctor. He recommended I be admitted to a hospital for a 10-day decompression treatment. After 5 days the pain had progressed. An x-ray was ordered. The next day a neurosurgeon performed surgery removing a severely herniated disc.

I followed the doctor’s recommendations doing my office jobs with lots of travel: careful lifting, moderate exercise, weight control.

In 2009 I accompanied a group on a weekend trip to a State Park. A group split off to hike on a moderate trail. The ups and downs proved to be too much of a radical period on movement on my back. The next day I was back on OTC pain medication. I finally gave up and saw an Orthopedic spine surgeon. With new x-rays, his diagnosis was spine degeneration scoliosis – lateral L4/L5 and forward L4. My choices were pain medication, steroid injections in the spine or complex surgery with about a 50% chance of success. I tried the injections without relief on the second try.

I remembered a sign on Slaughter at the Neeley Center for Health and thought I’d give Acupuncture a try. After consultation with Dr. Neeley we agreed to try two treatments a week. After about the third week we changed to one per week. We also added a full body message right after the acupuncture each treatment.

Next we agreed to skip a week between treatments as pain in my back continued to dissipate. Later we went to two weeks between each visit then on to three weeks and so on. We were at 5 weeks between appointments by the middle of this year. I remain well satisfied with this regiment of periodic treatment. As for pain medication, I may take one naproxen sodium 220 mg. OTC a month, only if I experience a pain symptom, then it’s gone.

I do remain cautious in any movement that may put an unnecessary strain on my back. If I do something to aggravate my condition I give Doc a call and he is able to work me in. I am more than satisfied with the results received.

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Wonderful Healing Energy

I have been using acupuncture to control pain from arthritis in my joints for many years. It has also helped my asthma, allergies, and any other health issues I have had in the past, from heartburn to constipation.

I recently moved to Huntsville from Florida, and started my search for a knowledgeable, caring, and kind practitioner. I went to another clinic at first for a couple of visits. I was treated as “one of the cattle” get them in, get them out. There was no healing energy in it at all. Then I came upon Dr. Neeley, and my search was over. He has a wonderful kind, caring energy. His office is a peaceful healing place, and he really knows the art of acupuncture. He makes me feel welcomed into his center, and holds a wonderful healing energy in his clinic. If you are suffering from pain, discomfort, or any type of medical condition, suffer no more. Let Dr. Neeley help your body to heal itself, and live the life you were meant to live.


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Endometrial Pain Relief

The Neeley Center is one of the greatest gifts Huntsville has for healthcare needs! I have been suffering from severe endometrial pain for years. I met with my ob-gyn who wanted schedule full hysterectomy for me as a final option of pain relief. Not longer after this, I met Mike and Cindy and my life changed! Sessions with them have caused my pain almost disappear. Most months I have no pain at all. I was taking many different pain medications to manage the level of pain I would face, now I do not have to take any! I believe with all my heart they are healers and God is using the Neeley Center to heal and restore many many people back to good health! Mike and Cindy are some of the kindest people I have ever known and I thank God for them!

Lori Adgate

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Always Wonderful

Going to the Neeley Center is always wonderful! I would get acupuncture every day if I could. I love the experience the Neeley center gives me.

Everyone who works there is friendly and helpful, regardless of my needs I walk away feeling better, pain is gone, headache is gone, soreness is gone! Cannot say enough good things about Cindy and Mike. Huntsville needs to make them famous!

Thank you so much for all you have done for me, I highly recommend seeing Dr. Neeley and/or Cindy when you are in need!

~Annie Ogle

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Hip Pain Relief

I was having hip pain before I had hip surgery and Dr. Neeley suggested I try acupuncture to help with the pain. After the first treatment I was pain-free for almost 7 days. Made a believer out of me!

I would go every 5-6 days and breezed through to surgery. Surgery went well. Healing nicely. Big thanks to the Neeleys!

Also, a young man trying to change his life of substance abuse counseled with Cindy and absolutely loved it. He credits her with life changing time! Thank you Neeley’s for treating all of us so successfully!

~Phyllis Moon Mills Slater

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Mike Neeley is probably the nicest, kindest man I have ever met. His treatments are second-to-none, and his genuine caring heart is there in everything he does. I’m so thankful for him and don’t think I could have made it through the last few months without his help. Thank you, Mike, for being you. You are truly a blessing.

~Pat Macguire

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Fresh Perspective

Dr. Mike and Cindy are two compassionate devoted knowledgeable professionals. The Neely Center has been on my recommended list to my clients for almost 10 years now. I would strongly recommend it if you are suffering with any health issues. They bring a fresh perspective to old health problems.

~Susie Adams

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Jamie Bryant

I LOVE the Neeley center for health. Mr. Mike and Mrs. Cindy are wonderful gifted people. I highly recommend visiting their office!

~Jamie Bryant

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Hunter Jones

Best People I Have Ever Met! Love & Healing flow from this place. I can’t wait to go in the morning!

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Belinda Arnold

My 11-year old son has very high anxiety which was affecting his school life and personal life. We tried all the suggestions and medications suggested by doctors. After taking him off of the last medication because the side effects were causing more problems, I did not know what else to do. Someone suggested we try acupuncture. I was willing to try it and liked the idea that it was all natural and there would be no side effects. I am so thankful I did! My son is a new child! Dr. Mike is wonderful and very patient. My son will ask when his next appointment is because he enjoys being there so much.

It does not stop there, since Dr. Mike helped my son, I asked if he could help my 9 year old daughter who has digestive problems and lives with a bloated and swollen stomach. Within 3 weeks of seeing Dr. Mike, she feels so much better and I have had to tighten her pants 2 notches because of how much her stomach has gone down. I am looking forward to the difference when her treatment is done!

With such great success for my children, my husband and I are now seeing Dr. Mike. I HIGHLY recommend giving it a try. It works! Not painful at all-very relaxing!

~Belinda Arnold

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Jenny Mayers

Mike and Cindy Neeley are wonderful people. I look forward to going for acupuncture treatments, they are an awesome addition to my wellness regimen. It is always a pleasant experience from beginning to end. I leave the office with a smile and I feel younger than when I walked in. Mike is very attentive, kind and helpful. I would recommend them to everyone.

~Jenny Mayers

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Beverly Williams

Dr. Neeley is the best. He had always shown a genuine love and care for my entire family. He is knowledgeable in the treatment of the body and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He is now working with my husband who had a stroke three weeks ago. I feel very confident in the power and ability God has given him.

Beverly Williams

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Melissa Husa

The minute you walk in the office you feel welcomed. You know immediately that your wellness is a priority. It is refreshing to be listened to and taken seriously about your ailments. Mike and Cindy are professional, accommodating and most importantly very caring!

~Melissa Husa

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Cindy Thomas

Acupuncture is amazing! It never hurts with Dr. Neeley! I went to a different acupunctures Once and they hurt me! Get results with no pain and very kind people!

Cindy Thomas

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Pastor-DeAnn Clark

Mike is an amazing Doctor and healer. What a wonderful caring man that gets to the heart of how your body needs to be tuned up. I had issues that regular medical doctors could only throw pills at.
Mike got my body straightened out.

Thank You, Mike and God Bless

Pastor-DeAnn Clark

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Tereca Sue Spain

The Neeley Center for Health is wonderful. Mike does fantastic work. Cindy is an excellent therapist.

~Tereca Sue Spain

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Marc J. Lane

Dr. Neeley provides excellent patient care. I highly recommend his services.

Marc J. Lane

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Charles Patterson

Knowledge of Dr. Micheal Neeley is wonderful – peaceful healing experience. DONT MISS THIS…DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR

~Charles Patterson

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K.J. from Oklahoma

Cindy and Mike Neeley are excellent at their job. They express amazing grace and compassion toward their clients. When I first met them they expressed genuine concern for my needs and freedom from childhood trauma. I am free and forever grateful

~K.J. from Oklahoma

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B.B. from Tennessee

I am so grateful to Cindy for the emotional and spiritual help in a time of life where I could have become very sick. Mike helped my body with acupuncture and Chinese herbs which gave my body the opportunity to heal. It was a safe and comfortable environment to be in.

~B.B. from Tennessee

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I wasn’t sure what Rapid Eye Technique was, but I knew I trusted Cindy, and I’m glad I did. It was super-simple process of being willing to heal and blinking my eyes. When done, I felt lighter and exhausted. I slept well that night. Throughout the days, weeks and months after I continually noticed my healing. Situations, comments that would trigger depression, self-doubt, anger, and frustration – simply didn’t. I look back and see a changed person- me!


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A grateful receiver

I have had moments in my life where I simply was “stuck”. The cry inside has led me to intentionally (on purpose) pick up the phone and make an appointment with Cindy. The hand of
LOVE introduced me to Cindy in 2000, when I became aware of a frozen mass inside of me, due to trauma I had buried within my own heart/soul. Cindy has a tender, gentle way of listening
beyond the words, to connect with the ‘energy’ or the rhythm of the words/beliefs that is troubling my soul. Each time she has asked questions that exposes the LIE and connects me with liberating TRUTH. I have personally experienced LOVE, LIGHT, HEALING that released me from a pit I was stuck in, to moving forward in life. My soul is safe to rest, and receive liberty from the bruises life has brought, healing for a broken heart, freedom from lies that torment; as we are simply, present with each other in God’s Presence.

A grateful receiver,

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RET – Rapid Eye Technology – changed my life by removing painful and traumatic memories and behaviors without me having to relive the experiences through years of counseling. I tried unsuccessfully for years to change self-destructive behaviors and emotional instability without realizing that there were deep roots in me in the subconscious that could be removed quickly and without pain through RET. Thank you RET for maximizing my life with a greater level of peace and joy than I realized was possible.