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June 30, 2017
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December 21, 2017

Have you ever wonder what Endometriosis is? You’re not alone in wondering what Endometriosis truly is. Endometriosis is gynecological that only affects between 10-20% of young women in the United States. 

It is not clear why endometriosis occurs but we do know that it is very painful.  It can be treated with western medicine as well as alternative medicine, such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs. The good news is there are options and you can combine holistic alternatives even with your western medicine treatments, to give you the best of both worlds.

Endometriosis what is happening to my body?

  • Endometriosis is escaped endometrial tissue outside of the uterus that adheres to the outer lining of the uterus and creates a web like scar tissue that contracts with hormonal influx. Example of influx is when a woman is on her monthly menstrual cycle or when she is ovulating
  • Endometriosis grows over time and can attach to any vital organ in the abdominal cavity and over time can cause issues with abdominal organs
  • It is like having thousands of blisters covering the inside of the pelvis-Very Painful

 Symptoms of Endometriosis are

  1. Severe abdominal and pelvic pain-This pain can be even more severe than labor pains
  2. Dysmenorrhea (Painful cramping during menstruation)
  3. Painful sexual intercourse-this happens when penetration, the tissue beyond the vagina can be sore and tender
  4. Painful bowel movements or urination (dependent on location of adhesions)
  5. Heavy menstruation (clotting and flow)
  6. Irregular menstruation (amenorrhea)
  7. Nausea-this can be a result of severe pain
  8. Constipation or diarrhea (dependent on location of adhesions)

There is a myth that endometriosis only occurs during or around their monthly cycle.  Truth, some can have pain continually during the month.

Western medical treatments

  • Oral contraceptives
  • Pain medication or muscle relaxants
  • Hormone suppression
  • Uterine ablation
  • Laparoscopic laser removal of endometrial scar tissue
  • Hysterectomy

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we encourage to stay away from cold foods.  They create Qi stagnation which causes pain. Stress is a huge factor in the cause of endometriosis. In Chinese medicine, stress affects the liver.

Because the liver is in charge of free flowing blooding throughout the body, when stress attacks it, it can cause issues like Endometriosis. In Chinese Medicine, the liver is greatly associated with the female reproductive system.

It is called the Chong Mi or Chong Meridian which includes the Liver, Spleen, and Uterus. Treating the liver is a huge factor in treating endometriosis as well as other diseases that cause infertility in women.

We do this by using different acupuncture methods. Every method is tailored to each patient based off of their symptoms and severity of the disease.

In Chinese medicine, the best way to remit pain is to increase blood flow. We do this by using different needle placements during an acupuncture treatment.  Our ultimate goal is to help of female patients avoid a hysterectomy. We have had great success with acupuncture and herbal combinations.

TCM support for Endometriosis at The Neeley Center for Health

Remember that acupuncture and Chinese herbs support the body.  Building up the whole body while engaging in western medical procedures is very helpful to achieve healing.  If you are in the area stop in.

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