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It is not the life events that cause our pain today; it is the significance that we give the experiences. You may be struggling in a relationship, or perhaps your finances are keeping you from doing what God has put in your heart to do. You may be experiencing health problems. Most Christians continue struggling in their situations trying to do enough and work harder, and all the while feeling more and more defeated. Days, months, and years go by and the same painful feelings and circumstances continue on.

The majority of us give our time to children’s needs, food, clothing, sports, homework, etc. We go to the doctor when we’re ill, we schedule our hair appointments, we go to the gym, we provide for our animals, we keep gas in our car, we make sure the yard is kept up. Unfortunately, we often bypass our hearts.

Your heart is the real you.

To achieve joy, peace, and contentment we must be connected to ourselves as well as God. This is an inner work, not a mental exercise. We all know the right things to do but we live out of our hearts, what we truly believe at a core heart level. Counseling from the heart can empower and connect you in a deeper way to experience the Love of God. Cindy can help facilitate a renewal and a new joy remembering once again why you are here on this earth and being so excited to start your day.

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