The Neeley Center for Health is Unique

Healing is the Whole Person


Our center offers many healing modalities which all serve to heal the whole person. The Neeley Center incorporates both the physical healing through Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese herbs as well as principle-based counseling, energy work such as Rapid Eye Technology, NLP, Emotion and Body Code which, if desired, can help create healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We know from many studies that, when we encounter stress in our lives, our amazing bodies go into action: adrenaline releases into the blood stream, the heart rate elevates, muscles tense as they prepare to run away from perceived danger, and cortisol instantly begins flowing through the body. While major stress events do affect us, the daily accumulation of minor, seemingly inconsequential stressors and injuries can create serious damage to our health. Unfortunately, we rationalize these minor stressors: we miss the small, sharp physical pains that are trying to speak to us, we ignore recurring sinus issues, and we chalk up head colds to being unavoidable because it’s something that is “going around.”

Your body loves you and wants you to listen to it. Your body also prefers you listen to the problem while it’s a small, easily correctable issue!


From a physical standpoint: Traditional Chinese Medicine works by creating a balance within and between your organs. Each organ houses an emotion. Acupuncture treatments work together with Chinese herbs to bring the body back into balance to facilitate healing. Dr. Michael “Doc” Neeley has decades of training and experience to facilitate healing.


From an emotional standpoint: Trapped and unresolved emotions will send signals through the body as well. Cindy Neeley’s practice has shown her that thoughts have energies and she believes there is no such thing as an unexpressed emotion. When painful thoughts continue, they can be harmful to our bodies and our emotions. Cindy’s work can shift thought-patterns and unresolved emotions through coaching/counseling, RET (Rapid Eye Technology,) as well as Emotion and Body Code sessions.


Real life contains joy and it also often delivers emotionally or physically traumatic experiences. Experiences can range from car accidents, health issues, divorce, loss of a loved one, work stress, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, rejection from a child or from those you love, etc. These are just a few examples of how we encounter hurtful situations and, if left unresolved, can lead to future pain.

Schedule a healing acupuncture session with Doc or book a Rapid Eye Technology session with Cindy. Live out of town? Come to Huntsville for a week of healing! Cindy also works with numerous long-distance clients! The Neeley Center for Health is a safe place for you to heal, release old patterns, and create a life you’ve always wanted.

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